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High-quality log homes and log cabins from Finland

Honkarakenne Ltd. is a global pioneer in modern log building technology, with roots planted firmly in Finland.


With our Honka® brand, we have delivered almost 85,000 Honka log houses around the world and become experts in healthy and ecological living.Founded in 1958, Honkarakenne is the first industrial manufacturer of log houses and mass timber solutions


Our goal is to create beautiful, functional and ecological log homes that take good care of the people living inside them.


Get ready for an adventure in sustainable living with our company as the official importer and distributor of Honka log buildings in the Middle East.


Honka is a leading brand in the industry, known for their superior craftsmanship and energy-efficient designs. We offer a wide range of log buildings for residential properties, holiday homes, resorts, eco-tourism projects, education, and healthcare spaces. Imagine living in a beautiful, natural and energy-efficient log home, surrounded by the stunning landscapes of the Middle East.

Honka Buildings are:

  1. Sustainable and environmentally friendly

  2. Strong and durable

  3. Energy-efficient

  4. Cost-effective

  5. Quick and easy to construct

  6. Natural and aesthetic appeal

  7. Low maintenance

  8. Good insulation properties


A contemporary log home or cabin is an increasingly popular choice for healthier, more organic living. Many of us dream about a harmonious home, made of natural wood, with bright, modern and contemporary look. You can select from ready designs or you're able to custom build your home. 

Custom log homes are becoming increasingly popular. More and more people dream of living in a house designed specifically for them, with their particular lifestyle being a part of the design. Making the custom or bespoke log home a reality is probably a lot easier than you might think.

Because we are all different, we each want to live in a house that reflects our own personality. Building a new home is one of the biggest life decisions you will ever make, and for many people it’s a once in a lifetime event.



Wood has been loved by people throughout the ages. It is soothing, aesthetically pleasing and it performs well acoustically. It absorbs sounds and creates a calming, relaxing atmosphere., making it the perfect concept for eco-resorts and hotels focussing on sustainability and biophilia.

Combine the traditional building method with inspiring architecture and the latest technology to create unforgettable experiences with real WOW factor. 

Shifting to wood will save a lot of time in the building phase and result in quality that can be expected from luxurious buildings at hotels & eco-resorts. 


Today’s log buildings provide distinctive design options for urban and natural surroundings – for creating places that touch the hearts and evoke good feelings.

Your premises and customer service facilities reflect the values of your business. How your guests see your facilities is very important to us. Guarantee high indoor air quality with safe and certified log building, made of 100 % renewable raw material.

Honka is also able to provide structures for other concepts ranging including:

  • Restaurants

  • Healthcare & Wellness

  • Education & Day-care

  • Commercial low-rise

  • Low-rise retail

  • Indoor Swimming Pool & Gym Buildings



Perfect Building Manufacturing

Building of a prefabricated log home saves you time and nerves. This is achieved mainly because of the short construction time of log houses and the fact that Honka delivers everything included in your house package in one delivery. 

A presicely prefabricated log house with solid wood frame is easy and quick to mount – when done by trained professionals.

Every house is produced by order. The logs and other wooden parts are produced industrially to exact measurements. All of the other items needed for your home (roofing materials, windows, doors etc.) will also be included in the same delivery.

Furthermore, each item included in the delivery is specified, marked and included in the plan. Nothing will be missing, and the items are marked and packed in such a way that the assembly can be carried out without a hitch.

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