Natural Aged Beauty

Reclaimed wood has character, allure, depth and stunning colour. 

Regardless of the specific reason for opting to use reclaimed wood, it’s human nature for all of us to love trees. They’re all around us, and wood is a huge part of our lives, our homes — and our history.

Adding reclaimed wood to your environment provides a rustic look that almost seamlessly connects your space to the natural world and to the past. It also injects a sense of character and a unique story into your space through the use of beautiful wood textures.


Old wood gives us new life as wall panels. Using old wood in your projects is a beautiful alternative to buying new pieces.

Reclaimed wood provides a vintage look, is long-lasting, and can be used over and over again.


Reclaimed wood flooring adds history, originality and character to projects.

Sustainably harvested, reclaimed wood flooring gives your project a story that creates values appreciating 

Many homeowners and designers have sought rustic touches that bring out more character in various spaces.

If you're one of those people, achieve your look while reusing and recycling valuable pieces of antique/reclaimed lumber. Sourced from a variety of locations globally, our unique materials tell a tale written in wood.

This wood was generally first used in structures from the turn of the century and the quality of the wood exceeds the highest standards for durability and appearance.

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