Freed Veneers

We have five decades of veneer supply and veneered product development experience, working closely with some of the worlds most revered automotive, marine, aviation, furniture and interior design brands.

Over this time, a second to none industry knowledge of how veneers perform within different applications, has been developed along with the very latest production techniques within their UK and overseas operations; this allows Freed Veneers to fully answer all the requirements of their global client base with the highest possible levels of flexibility and quality.


Natural Veneer

All of our 1.5mm and 2.5mm thick constructional veneers are certified by FSC® and PEFC™ schemes to supply responsibly sourced veneers.

Decorative Veneer.jpg

Decorative Veneer

Our decorative wood veneers are sourced from all around the world to provide you with the highest quality and diverse range available online. Our projects have included collaborating with fine Furniture designers, the Automotive and Aircraft industries, Marine designers and Architects

Purpled Veneer.jpg

Dyed Veneers

From a modern veneer peeling and slicing supplier based in Spain, comes our wonderful variety of dyed coloured veneers. Using the highest quality of dyes we are pleased to offer the finest in coloured veneer.

Walnut 3D Veneer.jpg

3D Textured Wood Veneer

Our textured veneer sheets are an all new fleeced backed veneer. What really stands out in this new veneer is the surface, which is structured from the grains in the wood, and not flat like a normal veneer. We offer three variations of oak, filled with knots and cracks to give a rustic and antique effect.

Cubeflex Veneer.jpg

CubeFlex Veneers

CubeFlex is a fully flexible and durable prefabricated wood veneer sheet which has been treated to give the end user a complete finished product. It has the durability of laminates but retains the beauty of natural wood.

Concrete Peel Veneer.jpg

Concrete Peel & Stick Veneers

Freed Veneers has created the ultimate solution if wanting a concrete surface for your project. It has never been easier to add a real concrete surface with our peel and stick 4mm thick concrete rolls. Available in a range of colours, the self-adhesive concrete means you can create a concrete surface without the need for the lengthy and costly process of traditionally applying cement.

We're able to support architects, designers, and contractors with any veneer products required, maintaining sustainability, quality and service. 

We are currently working on complete website related to all veneers available that will allow customers the opportunity to shop for samples, browse through various wood species and veneer options as well as discuss pricing for large scale orders.