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Glulam is versatile, ranging from simple, straight beams to complex, curved members.

Flawlessly crafted with precise specifications, Glulam, or Glue-laminated timber, is a highly sought-after engineered wood product. Its exceptional quality guarantees consistent dimensions and reliable performance as a building material.


This versatile material comes in four distinct appearance grades: framing, industrial, architectural, and premium. It is the top choice for projects that demand both structural strength and visual appeal, such as grand vaulted ceilings and spacious open areas.


With its wide range of applications, from religious institutions and educational facilities to commercial offices and residential homes, Glulam has earned a reputation as a top performer in the realm of modern architecture.

Beauty of Glue Laminated Timber - Glulam - Dubai UAE


Glulam curved beams - fabrication - Dubai, UAE


Bespoke timber roof structure using glulam beams and wood soffits - Pine Wood UAE


By incorporating Glulam into construction projects, one can tap into a sophisticated and environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional building materials.

Its weight is only a fraction of steel's (less than 10%) and much lighter than concrete (one-fifth), resulting in improved transportation efficiency, a drastic reduction in carbon footprint, and a solid yet lightweight structure.


Furthermore, Glulam outshines concrete in terms of ease of installation. Its quick installation process and versatility throughout all seasons highlight the benefits of prefabrication.


In terms of structural strength, glulam is remarkable, boasting a strength-to-weight ratio that is twice that of structural steel. This makes it an incredibly efficient and adaptable material for construction.

Glulam, (Glue laminated timber), possesses unmatched versatility and adaptability, making it the ideal choice for designers and architects seeking both strength and aesthetic appeal in their constructions.


Its versatility allows for the creation of various shapes and forms, tailoring to the unique specifications and imaginative visions of designers.


The demand for curved glulam beams, in particular, has been on the rise. These beams offer a perfect blend of functionality and visual allure.


They are crafted through a meticulous process that involves bonding multiple pieces of wood under controlled conditions. This method enables the creation of sturdy beams that can be molded into graceful curves without compromising their structural integrity.

For many years, Glulam has been a trusted choice for both indoor and outdoor settings, demonstrating its strong durability and reliability.


This specially engineered wood product boasts impressive resistance to decay, ensuring a long lifespan free from rot and mould when installed and cared for properly. Its sturdy construction, achieved through bonding layers of timber, gives it exceptional strength, making it suitable for a wide range of architectural needs. But its benefits go beyond just structural soundness.


Glulam is also well-suited for use in areas exposed to the elements, maintaining its stability and visual appeal over time. With careful installation and regular upkeep, it remains both aesthetically pleasing and structurally resilient, avoiding common issues that can arise with other materials.

Landscape footbridge using sustainable timber - Pine Wood Building Materials Trading LLC


CLT Panel Manufacturing - Pine Wood Building Materials Trading LLC


Landscape spaces using architectural mass timber like CLT and Glulam - Pine Wood Building Materials Trading LLC


For decades, Glulam has been the backbone of diverse structures, from cozy schools to towering highrises, and even pools and supermarkets. Its enduring charm and performance are remarkable.


Weighing less than 10% of steel and only a fifth of concrete, glulam stands out not just for its lightweight and robust nature, but also for its eco-friendly credentials. It's a testament to sustainable construction, blending strength with environmental responsibility in a sleek, elegant package.

Glulam, celebrated for its substantial mass, is not only inherently fire-resistant but also meets global standard ratings, ensuring its safety and reliability in exposed structures. This remarkable material naturally resists fire by forming a protective char layer, akin to other mass timber products. This charred exterior acts as a shield, maintaining the structural integrity of the core and significantly slowing combustion.

Importantly, glulam adheres to stringent international safety standards, including those set by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and other relevant global fire safety guidelines. These certifications reinforce its suitability for a wide range of architectural applications, providing assurance of its performance in fire safety.

Utilizing prefabricated wood components, especially in mass timber structures, empowers project owners to achieve stringent construction deadlines with enhanced quality control. This approach sets their projects apart, irrespective of their domain – be it commercial spaces, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, or multifamily residences.

The speed of construction with mass timber is a notable advantage. It surpasses traditional materials like steel, concrete, or light wood framing in terms of building efficiency. This acceleration in the construction process not only saves time but also translates into significant cost reductions.


The adoption of prefabricated wood elements thus offers a dual benefit: it streamlines the construction timeline while also ensuring cost-effectiveness, positioning it as a smart choice for a wide array of construction projects.

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