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Timber Facades / Cladding / Siding

We take pride in being the leading supplier for all things related to timber cladding in the Middle East.


With our commitment to providing premium quality products and exceptional customer service, we have established ourselves as a trusted source for top-notch timber cladding solutions.


Our extensive selection, including options such as Thermo Wood (Pine, Ash, Spruce), Accoya Wood, and Yaki Sugi (Charred Wood or Sugi Ban) timber, is sure to meet your every need.

Contact us today to learn more about why we are the excellent choice for your timber cladding needs in the Middle East.


Thermo Wood

We offer Thermo Wood in a range of wood species

  • Thermo Pine

  • Thermo Spruce

  • Thermo Ash

Thermo wood is available in a range of profiles including ship lap, tongue & groove, board and batten, square edged, square slats, rounded slats.



Accoya cladding is a high-performance, sustainable wood product that offers superior durability, stability, and resistance to rot and insects. Made from sustainably sourced softwood,


Accoya undergoes a non-toxic modification process that enhances its natural properties and makes it more resistant to moisture, swelling, and shrinking.


The result is a beautiful, low-maintenance cladding material that is ideal for both residential and commercial applications - particularly in hot and humid climates


Hardwood Cladding

Hardwood cladding is highly durable and can last for decades, even in harsh outdoor environments. Each species of hardwood offers unique characteristics such as texture, color, and grain pattern, allowing for endless design possibilities.


With proper maintenance, hardwood cladding can maintain its natural beauty for years to come, making it a popular choice for high-end residential and commercial projects.

Available in:

  • Teak Wood (Brazilian Teak, Burma Teak)

  • Iroko Wood

  • Beech Wood

  • Oak Wood

  • Eucalyptus Grandis

  • Ipe

  • Sapele


Yaki Sugi (Sugi Ban / Charred Wood)

Charred wood cladding, also known as Shou Sugi Ban, is a traditional Japanese technique of burning wood to enhance its natural properties.


The process involves charring the surface of the wood with a flame, then cooling it and brushing off the charred layer to reveal the grain underneath.


This technique not only creates a striking, darkened appearance, but also enhances the wood's durability, resistance to rot and insects, and fire resistance.

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