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WABi Systems

Simpler. Smarter. Stronger

Leveraging innovative designs, patented systems, and cutting-edge construction methodologies, The WABi System stands at the forefront of sustainable and eco-conscious accommodations. Positioned as an emerging global leader in this sector, we are committed to setting new benchmarks in environmental responsibility and guest experience.

luxury wabi cabins by Pine Wood using patented systems

Our System

WABi Systems is a sustainable housing solution that offers a smarter, stronger, and simpler alternative to traditional construction methods. Our approach is built on key values such as retaining the local site ecology, achieving high thermal resistance, stimulating local jobs, and enabling effortless construction with minimal tools and time.


Our WABi structures are constructed using a steel frame structure, thermally insulated panels, eco anchor footings, and doors and windows that are engineered to work in unison, much like a flat-pack. Local community members can easily assemble our structures at remarkable speed with the help of our customized installation assembly drawings and our team's assistance.Light gauge and mild steel structures serve as the backbone of WABi Systems, offering a robust yet flexible framing solution that complements the natural aesthetics of the cabin's design.


These steel frames provide a high strength-to-weight ratio, ensuring structural integrity while allowing for quick and efficient construction. The use of light gauge and mild steel is particularly advantageous in regions prone to seismic activity or extreme weather conditions, as the material's ductility and resilience provide added safety and durability.


Furthermore, steel framing is highly compatible with various types of cladding and insulation materials, making it a versatile choice for WABi Systems that aim to blend modern engineering with traditional craftsmanship.

Versatile Living Solutions

Hospitality cabins that can be configured in different layouts by Pine Wood UAE


Elevate your tourism venture through WABi Systems' sustainable, experience-focused accommodations.


Our meticulously engineered cabins offer a harmonious blend of modern aesthetics and eco-conscious design, positioning your enterprise as a distinguished player in a competitive landscape.


Cater to the discerning traveler by providing an unparalleled lodging experience that seamlessly integrates luxury, sustainability, and contemporary design.

WABi staff accommodation units with Pine Wood UAE for rapid deployment

Staff Accommodation

Enhance staff retention in remote locales with WABi Systems' rapid-assembly, comfortable, and adaptable accommodations.


Our precision-engineered cabins offer a residential ambiance irrespective of geographical constraints, thereby fostering employee satisfaction and mitigating turnover issues.


Provide not merely a place to stay, but a sanctuary that elevates the overall work experience, contributing to long-term staff loyalty and operational stability.

Remote Housing WABi Systems with Pine Wood UAE for rapid deployment

Remote Housing

Presenting the WABi Housing System—an innovative, transformative solution designed to provide cost-effective and expedient residential options.


Engineered to address a diverse array of requirements, our system is versatile enough to accommodate community housing projects, accessible living spaces for individuals with disabilities, and rapid-response shelters for those affected by natural calamities.


With WABi Systems, you're not just building homes; you're creating resilient, inclusive, and efficient living solutions that meet the pressing demands of modern society.

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