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Ultra Luxury Wood Decking - Accoya Wood - Pine Wood UAE


Wood Decking

High Performance Decking

Experience the warmth and charm of a deck crafted from real wood. Imagine the sensation of natural materials beneath your feet and the rustic, genuine beauty of wood deck boards. That's the allure of Accoya.

Accoya isn't just about aesthetics, though. It's the perfect choice for a low maintenance deck that effortlessly endures the rigors of any weather condition.


Say goodbye to the worries of cracks, splinters, and the usual instability of traditional decking materials.


Accoya brings together the natural appeal of real wood with unparalleled performance.

Accoya Decking - Carbon Grey - Wood Decking

Rooftop Decking

Transform your rooftop into a breathtaking outdoor space with Accoya decking. This elegant solution not only enhances your view but also adds valuable outdoor area.


Accoya's durability makes it the ideal choice for rooftop decks and balconies, ensuring they remain stunning and resilient, even under harsh weather and intense sun

Luxury Durable Accoya Wood Decking - Pine Wood UAE

Poolside & Resort Decking

Enhance your poolside and resort areas with the elegance and resilience of Accoya wood decking.

While traditional wood struggles with moisture, Accoya offers the beauty of real wood without such drawbacks.


It's uniquely resistant to rot and decay, making it the perfect choice for swimming pool decks where style meets durability.

Accoya for stairs and landscape spaces - Pine Wood UAE

Deck Stairs

Elevate the luxury of your premium outdoor oasis with the addition of elegant deck stairs. These stairs not only offer the practicality of seamless access from your deck to your garden but also make a bold design statement. Create enchanting spaces with landings that serve as scenic viewpoints and additional seating areas, enhancing the opulence of your outdoor retreat.

Given the increased wear and tear stairs endure, it's essential to choose a material that embodies durability and timelessness

Accoya - Variety of Coatings & Finishes to match project needs


Exceptional Quality

Eco-Friendly Material

50 Year Warranty

Highly Durable

Naturally Insulating


Low Maintenance

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