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Luxury Canvas Tented Solutions

Elevate your outdoor experience with our premium canvas tents—where luxury and ruggedness coalesce, offering you the choice to forgo the rudimentary aspects of camping.

Situated in the Middle East's serene landscapes, our tents serve as sanctuaries for those seeking respite from urban clamor. As a specialized tent supplier, we focus on designs that amalgamate comfort with functionality, equipped with all essential amenities to ensure an indelible experience.

Catering to both bespoke retreats and family-oriented adventures, our canvas tents provide an unparalleled, memorable experience, meticulously designed to meet diverse outdoor project requirements.

Eco Beach Resort - Eco Tent - Pine Wood Building Materials Trading LLC

Luxury Canvas Tents (Standard Floorplans)

Our tents are made from durable and high-quality canvas material, ensuring a comfortable and luxurious camping experience for your guests.


These tents are designed to withstand the elements, while also providing a spacious and cozy interior for your guests to relax in.

Our standard size canvas tents are perfect for couples or small families, with enough room for up to four guests.


Each tent can be equipped with a comfortable bedding, lighting, and a small deck area for your guests to enjoy the natural surroundings as well as prefabricated bathroom spaces to create a truly luxurious camping experience

Eco-Cabin by Eco Structures - Luxury Modular Construction - Pine Wood Building Materials Trading LLC


Engineered as the next logical progression from our Eco Tents, our Eco Cabin represents a harmonious blend of traditional glamping tent architecture and modern innovation. The structure incorporates lightweight PIR (Polyisocyanurate) wall panels as a substitute for conventional canvas material. This pivotal design modification offers superior climate control capabilities, rendering the Eco Cabin exceptionally well-suited for extreme temperature conditions.

The integration of PIR wall panels not only enhances thermal insulation but also adds an extra layer of durability and weather resistance. This makes the Eco Cabin a versatile choice for a variety of environments, from arid deserts to frigid mountain terrains. Whether you're seeking a sustainable lodging solution or a high-performance outdoor dwelling, the Eco Cabin delivers an optimized balance of comfort, resilience, and energy efficiency.

Luxury Bespoke Stretch Tent Solutions by Eco structures - Pine Wood Building Materials Trading LLC

Bespoke Tented Solutions

Introducing the Eco Stretch Tent—a paragon of glamping luxury meticulously designed for resort proprietors seeking to transcend the conventional.

Incorporating an innovative stretch design, this tent offers unparalleled customization to align with your specific project requirements, including climate considerations, site conditions, and intended usage.


Composed of modular units that seamlessly link together, the Eco Stretch Tent provides a scalable accommodation solution. Choose from a streamlined one-bedroom, one-bathroom configuration, or expand to a lavish three-bedroom nature suite, all interconnected by a network of walkways and decks.

Whether you aim to offer an intimate retreat or a sprawling natural sanctuary, the Eco Stretch Tent delivers a versatile, luxurious, and unforgettable lodging experience.

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