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WABi Systems

Simpler. Smarter. Stronger

With efficient designs, patented systems & construction techniques, The WABi System is an emerging, global leader in sustainability and eco-friendly lodgings

luxury wabi cabins by Pine Wood using patented systems

Our System

WABi Systems is a sustainable housing solution that offers a smarter, stronger, and simpler alternative to traditional construction methods. Our approach is built on key values such as retaining the local site ecology, achieving high thermal resistance, stimulating local jobs, and enabling effortless construction with minimal tools and time.

Our WABi structures are constructed using thermally insulated panels, eco anchor footings, and doors and windows that are engineered to work in unison, much like a flat-pack. Local community members can easily assemble our structures at remarkable speed with the help of our customized installation assembly drawings and our team's assistance.

With our patented systems, efficient designs, and sustainable construction techniques, WABi Systems is poised to become a global leader in eco-friendly housing. Join us in our mission to build sustainable communities and preserve the environment for future generations.


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Hospitality cabins that can be configured in different layouts by Pine Wood UAE


Elevate your tourism business with our sustainable, experience-driven accommodations.


Attract discerning travelers with modern design and eco-friendly lodgings, setting you apart in the competitive market.

WABi staff accommodation units with Pine Wood UAE for rapid deployment

Staff Accommodation

Boost staff retention in remote areas with our quick-build, cozy, and versatile accommodations.


Provide a home-like experience in any location, promoting employee satisfaction and addressing turnover challenges.

Remote Housing WABi Systems with Pine Wood UAE for rapid deployment

Remote Housing

Introducing the WABi Housing System, a game-changing solution that promises to deliver affordable and swift homes.

Our innovative system caters to a variety of needs, including community housing, accessible living spaces for people with disabilities, and rapid deployment for those impacted by natural disasters. 

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