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Prefabricated Log Cabin - Pine Wood UAE
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Luxury Wooden Homes & Cabins

Introducing our range of wooden log homes, designed for sustainable and comfortable living.


These homes, ideal for various applications such as countryside farmhouses, serene holiday cabins, and business-to-business ventures in the resort and hospitality sector, embody a blend of traditional charm and modern innovation.

Our log homes are a testament to the fusion of contemporary design and classic craftsmanship, ensuring a cozy and energy-efficient abode. Constructed with natural, renewable materials, these homes promote a healthy living atmosphere and significantly reduce the ecological impact.


Opt for our wooden log homes for your upcoming projects and discover the ultimate combination of elegance, sustainability, and comfort.


Welcome to the world of Mass Timber! This innovative construction material comprises three primary products:


  1. Glulam: Crafted by fusing multiple timber layers with potent adhesives, Glulam offers versatility in design and robust structural integrity. Ideal for beams, columns, and arches, Glulam can replace steel and concrete in many applications, offering a lighter and more environmentally friendly option.

  2. CLT: A multi-layered solid wood solution, CLT is perfect for walls, floors, and roofs. Its strength rivals that of concrete, but with the added benefits of thermal insulation and a natural aesthetic. Prefabricated panels can speed up construction times and reduce the need for traditional brick and mortar.

  3. LVL: An advanced wood product, Laminate Veneer Lumber merges thin wood veneer layers, delivering enhanced strength and stability over conventional lumber. LVL can be used for joists, beams, and rafters, providing a stronger and more consistent alternative to solid timber.


Elevate your outdoor accommodations with our luxurious and innovative glamping solutions


Create unforgettable experiences for your guests, blending comfort and style with the beauty of nature.

  1. Eco Structures Australia: Offering high-quality, eco-friendly canvas tents, these glamping solutions are perfect for immersing guests in nature without compromising on comfort and luxury.

  2. Geodesic Domes: Explore the versatility and charm of geodesic domes, perfect for both personal use and commercial projects. These weather-resistant, visually striking structures offer a truly unique and memorable stay.

Discover the magic of glamping with our premium tents and geodesic domes. Enhance your outdoor retreats and create lasting memories for your guests with these stylish and sustainable solutions.

Middle East's First Mass Timber Supplier

At Pinewood, we pride ourselves on being pioneers in the construction landscape. As the region's first mass timber supplier, we are at the forefront of introducing this revolutionary material to the Middle East, bridging the gap between sustainable construction and architectural excellence. Our commitment to innovation and sustainability positions us as leaders in the industry, ready to meet the demands of modern construction projects.

The Mass Timber Revolution

Comprehensive Solutions

Mass Timber's suite of products provides a holistic approach to construction. Whether you're building a multi-story office complex or a cozy residential home, there's a Mass Timber product suited for the job.

Example: Multi-story buildings are entirely constructed from CLT, showcasing its potential to replace concrete and steel in high-rise structures.

Replacement for Traditional Materials

The strength and versatility of Mass Timber products like Glulam, CLT, and LVL mean they can effectively replace conventional materials like steel, concrete, and brick.

Example: Bridges in rural areas have been constructed using Glulam beams, offering a durable and sustainable alternative to steel.

Sustainable Building Design

Mass Timber promotes eco-friendly construction. These products sequester carbon, reducing the overall carbon footprint of a building. Moreover, timber is a renewable resource, making it a more sustainable choice over mined or extracted materials.

Example: Many eco-conscious cities are adopting Mass Timber for public buildings, such as schools and community centers, to align with their sustainability goals.

Structural Potential

Beyond aesthetics, Mass Timber products are structurally sound. They can bear significant loads, resist fire, and offer excellent acoustic and thermal properties.

Example: Some stadiums and large-span structures are now considering LVL and Glulam for their roof structures due to their strength and lightweight properties.

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