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Craft beautiful and sustainable spaces with our comprehensive selection of high-quality bamboo products! We offer everything you need to bring warmth and eco-friendly elegance to your next project.


From durable bamboo decking and weather-resistant siding & cladding to strong treated bamboo poles, versatile bamboo rattan weave mats, and even engineered bamboo beams, we're your one-stop shop for all things bamboo!

Bamboo Decking

Elevate your outdoor space with our premium, high-quality bamboo decking.


Crafted for lasting beauty and exceptional durability, our bamboo offers a sustainable alternative to traditional decking materials.

Bamboo Rattan Weave Mats

Infuse your space with natural texture and warmth with our exquisite bamboo rattan weave mats.


Handcrafted from premium, sustainable bamboo, these versatile mats offer a touch of elegance and eco-conscious style for walls, furniture, or creative projects.

Bamboo Cladding & Siding

Craft a timeless facade with our premium bamboo cladding & siding.


Engineered for enduring strength and unrivaled aesthetics, our high-quality bamboo offers a sustainable and sophisticated upgrade to your exterior.

Engineered Bamboo Beams

Build strong and sustainable with our innovative engineered bamboo glulam beams.


Combining the beauty of natural bamboo with exceptional strength and stability of glulam construction, these high-performance beams offer a stunning and eco-friendly solution for a variety of structural needs.

Bamboo Poles

Unleash the design potential of your project with our high-strength, treated bamboo poles.


These beauties offer unmatched durability against the elements, making them the perfect sustainable choice for fences, pergolas, or any vision you can dream up.

Bamboo Slats

Transform your space with the natural elegance of our bamboo slats. Offering a touch of textural warmth and contemporary style, these versatile slats are perfect for creating privacy screens, ceilings, wall accents, and more.


Crafted from high-quality bamboo, they provide a sustainable and beautiful way to elevate any design.


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